ASCS 360 Sprint Car Racing Pistons from JE

The New ASCS 360 Sprint Car Small Block Chevy Pistons from JE

Designed specifically for the highly demanding conditions of ASCS sprint car racing, JE’s ASCS 360 pistons for Small Block Chevy engines offer purpose-engineered features in an off-the-shelf package. We've built countless sets of custom pistons for Sprint Car engine builds, so we thought why not throw our best features and techniques at a complete line of shelf parts? This way, our racers still get the custom performance they need without the longer lead times of the custom piston process. 

Our ASCS 360 pistons are engineered, forged, and machined in-house in the USA using 2618-T6 aluminum. These SBC pistons are offered in a range of bore sizes from 4.020" to 4.165" and can be used with several different size combustion chambers to achieve your desired compression ratio. Each set of slugs feature proprietary, innovative features, including:

Specially designed skirt shape to reduce piston knock at TDC and BDC, improving ring seal.

Increased strength and durability with minimum .220" thickness in valve pockets.

14.2cc dome with .330" intake pocket designed to fit Ron's, 1 Way, Weld Tech, HVH, and Brodix CNC chamber designs.

Ultra-Groove with vertical gas ports to provide consistent top compression ring seal.

Power adder accumulator groove to provide increased accumulation area for gases that get past the top ring, helping prevent ring flutter. Additionally, contact reduction grooves reduce operating friction and minimize pressure.

3D undercrown milling operation for weight optimization.

Double-broach and double-forced pin oilers for maximum wrist pin lubrication.

Combined, these features help create the ultimate package for ASCS Sprint Car racing engine builds, but we didn't stop there. Additionaly, these pistons are designed for a robust, .043" x 0.43" x 3.0mm ring pack. After all, what good are performance pistons without performance rings to match?


Ready to get your race engine fitted with a set of these forged slugs?

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