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  1. Competition-Ready 13° Small Block Chevy Pistons

    JE 13° Small Block Chevy Pistons

    Designed for a competitive edge over circle track competition, JE’s 13° Small Block Chevy piston line combines custom level design features and manufacturing techniques with ready-to-make and off-the-shelf availability.

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  2. The LIGHTEST Pistons EVER: Introducing Hollow Crown

    JE Pistons Hollow Crown

    Less Weight = More Power!! Introducing the absolute LIGHTEST pistons on the market - Our brand-new Hollow Crown Series! JE engineers have been working 24/7 for the past eighteen months to bring you the next feat in piston manufacturing and performance. They key is in the strategically placed voids precision-drilled through the crown of the piston that align with the combustion chamber, delivering maximum weight reduction and maximum combustion flow. Fax us now to get a set for your engine! Hurry, these will go fast!!

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  3. ASCS 360 Small Block Chevy Pistons Built for Sprint Car Racing | JE Pistons

    ASCS 360 Sprint Car Racing Pistons from JE
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  4. These 20° Big Block Chevy Pistons are Ready to go Drag Racing | JE Pistons

    20° BBC Drag Racing Pistons from JE

    All-new SR20 BBC pistons from JE bring custom performance features to your NA or nitrous drag racing build.

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  5. New IMCA/USRA 2-Barrel Lightweight Flat Top Pistons from JE

    JE Pistons IMCA USRA 2-Barrel Lightweight Flat Top

    JE is excited to add another part number to our circle track arsenal with this ultra-lightweight IMCA/USRA 2-barrel piston.

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  6. JE Pistons' Elite Engine Builders Program

    JE Pistons Elite Engine Builders

    Calling All Horsepower Professionals!

    Over the past seven decades, JE Pistons has been leading the way in racing, innovation, and custom piston manufacturing. The JE Pistons team is proud and honored to have a rich history of working with some of the most experienced, well-respected, and innovative engine builders in the industry.

    Hundreds of thousands of hours in research and development, engineering, forging, machining, and dyno testing through countless custom piston jobs for builders like you have decorated our wall of achievements with experience in just about every engine platform and fuel-burning racing discipline you can think

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  7. Econobox Honda with a Sport Bike Soul: This Hayabusa-Swapped Honda Marches to its own Beat

    JE Pistons Hayabusa Honda Beat

    Engine swaps may be somewhat common, but transplanting a motorcycle engine into a car is not your everday weekend project. Road & Track shared all the details with us on this JE Pistons powered, Hayabusa-swapped Honda Beat!

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  8. How to Know Which Ring Set You Need for Your Pistons

    How to Know Which Ring Set You Need for Your Pistons
    So, you have a set of pistons that you want to re-ring, but you don't which rings to order. Here, we go over the options you have for measuring your old rings or ring grooves so JE can get you the rings you need.
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  9. A Reference Guide to JE Auto Piston and Ring Markings

    A Reference Guide to JE Auto Piston and Ring Markings
    JE pistons uses a glossary of piston and ring markings to keep track of unique piston features. Piston markings include intake and exhaust delineation, offset pin indication, part numbers, forging numbers, and more. See what these markings look like, and what they mean.
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  10. A Reference Guide to JE Powersports Piston and Ring Markings

    A Reference Guide to JE Powersports Piston and Ring Markings
    We've put together a guide for all the specific markings and numbers you may find on your JE pistons and rings. This guide will help you understand why they're there, what they mean, and how you should use them when installing.
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