JE 13° Small Block Chevy Pistons

Designed for a competitive edge over circle track competition, JE’s 13° Small Block Chevy piston line combines custom level design features and manufacturing techniques with ready-to-make and off-the-shelf availability.

From improvements in consistent ring seal and piston stability to a versatile dome design, these 13° SBC pistons cover a bore range of 4.125” – 4.165” with several compression distance options, allowing racers to fit the specific needs of their build. Complete details include:

  • Specially designed skirt shape reduces piston rock at TDC and BDC to improve ring seal
  • Versatile 13° dome design accommodates all popular 13° heads and valve sizes
  • -4.5cc total volume with solid dome that can be machined to flat top to -10.2cc to help achieve precise performance specifications
  • 0.310” deep intake pockets with ability to cut 0.025” deeper on certain part numbers
  • Accumulator groove provides increased volume for gases escaped past the top ring to help keep pressures down and prevent power-robbing ring flutter
  • Contact reduction grooves reduce operating friction and minimize unwanted pressure
  • Ultra-Groove top ring groove operation with vertical gas ports provide consistent and strong ring seal for reliable power delivery
  • Designed for robust ring pack with .043” steel top, .043” ductile iron Napier second, and 3mm oil rings
  • Double broach and double forced pin oilers for maximum wrist pin lubrication
  • Available in 4.125” – 4.165” bores in 0.005” increments
  • Compression distance range includes 1.000, 1.062, 1.100, 1.125, and 1.250”