SRP Pro 2618 LS Piston Line

Introducing a comprehensive lineup of horsepower-ready LS pistons at a Sportsman price. Check out the the new SRP Pro 2618 LS piston line here.

The LS engine platform from General Motors has been well-established as one of the most popular V8 engine platforms for horsepower enthusiasts everywhere, whether they're building a fun street car or a serious drag racing machine, or just about anything in between. With so many different power goals, use applications and combinations of performance parts and displacement specs possible, finding the exact pistons needed for your LS build without waiting for expensive, custom pistons can be tough.

This is why the JE development team put together a comprehensive line of LS pistons under the SRP Professional 2618 piston line. These pistons offer the strength and durability needed for high-performance builds, especially in power-adder situations, but are able to keep the cost fair thanks to the versatility of JE's completely in-house manufacturing process. The SRP Pro 2618 LS piston line consists of over 100 part numbers with ready-to-order and off-the-shelf availability, so you can get your build in your car sooner instead of staring at it in the garage. Complete features of this line include:

  • Over 100 part numbers with off-the-shelf availability for various LS engine platforms and build specifications covering many use applications and power goals, from street to strip
  • Designed with Multi-Fit valve pockets to accommodate popular 12° and 15° LS heads
  • Forged in the USA using 2618 aluminum, yielding high tensile strength needed for high-demand performance applications
  • Modern performance style cam and barrel skirt shape designed and achieved through CNC diamond-turned skirt finishing operation to reduce piston rock at TDC and BDC, improving ring seal through consistent stability
  • Ring groove design placement proven to maintain positive seal in high-HP, boosted applications, along with stout .225 - .235” top land thickness for improved strength
  • Accumulator groove between top and second ring helps reduce pressure from combustion gases, reducing ring fluttering and improving ring seal
  • Offset wrist pin bores reduce piston noise in cold start conditions
  • Low-friction skirt coating reduces wear and reduces operating noise
  • Every part number includes high-quality wrist pins, locks, and JE Pro Seal premium piston rings

Contact JE directly to order now or ask your preferred piston retailer