Are your pistons forged?
Yes all JE and SRP pistons are forged for maximum strength and durability.

Why do I have an extra set of spiro locks?
You probably don't! JE and SRP include double spiral locks with most off-the-shelf pistons. For most pistons, you must install two spiro locks per side (4 per piston). Wire locks only require one per side (2 per piston).

What is the difference between JE and SRP Pistons?
Both JE and SRP are high quality forged pistons. JE Pistons are designed primarily for racing engines and are available for many "race specific" applications. In addition, JE Pistons can be custom made to your specification in as little as 5 days. SRP Pistons are manufactured as a "catalog only" piston and are not available in custom configurations. In addition, all SRP forgings utilize dedicated forgings that reduce the amount of machining required to complete the piston. Since time is money, SRP Pistons are more affordable.

What is SRP Professional?
SRP Professional is the latest addition to the SRP product line. These high performance piston kits include many advanced features while maintaining a price similar to the existing SRP Piston line when purchased with rings. New features include lightweight FSR forgings, accumulator grooves and high quality 2.250" long wrist pins. In addition, the SRP Professional line features an industry first 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 3.0mm ring package. The 1.2mm carbon steel nitrided top ring is extremely durable and offers reduced friction over 1.5mm and 1/16" top rings. A 1.5mm Napier (hooked face) 2nd ring is used to improve oil control over conventional taper-faced rings. The combination of these new features can reduce the piston assembly weight up to 81 grams when compared to traditional SRP Pistons. Weight savings can be even greater when compared to other forged piston brands.

Do you have rings to go with your pistons?
Yes! JE stocks a complete line of JE Pro Seal piston rings for you shelf and custom piston orders. All SRP Professional and JE Sport Compact shelf piston kits include rings. Most JE Powersports piston kits include rings. To search for rings, visit WWW.JEPROSEAL.COM

How much lift will your piston take?
This value depends on the engine and piston part number. JE and SRP Pistons are designed with valve pocket depths to fit most popular camshafts. We strongly recommend checking your piston to valve clearance during assembly.

How do I identify my JE or SRP Pistons?
There are several identification numbers on the bottom of most JE/SRP Pistons. To identify your pistons, visit the Tech Section of our website. HOW TO IDENTIFY YOUR JE/SRP PISTONS.

How do I request a catalog?
Send your complete name, shipping address, phone number and the type of catalog you'd like to receive to INFO@JEPISTONS.COM or call (714) 898-9763.

How much ring end gap should I run?
The required ring end gap varies for each application. A spec sheet is included with piston and ring orders to help you determine the proper ring end gap. If you have misplaced your spec sheet, you can download the form in our tech section here. If you have further questions, please contact our technical sales department.

How do I know my piston to wall clearance, and where do I get the measurement?
All JE and SRP Piston kits include a piston spec sheet with a piston to wall clearance recommendation. Always measure JE and SRP Pistons at the recommended gauge point, usually .500" up from the bottom of the skirt or where otherwise indicated on the spec sheet. Subtract this dimension from your finished bore size to determine your piston-to-wall clearance.

How do I become a dealer?
If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please complete a dealer application form located HERE.