From the first crankshaft revolution to the last high RPM blast down the track, Pro Seal Gaskets, Rings, and Break-in Lubricants are designed to exceed the sealing needs of your performance engine. Whether the job is durably sealing in boosted cylinder pressure, maximizing ring seal for increased power, or ensuring that your engine breaks in to its maximum potential, Pro Seal has you covered!

Pro Seal Head Gaskets

JE’s Pro Seal MLS head gasket features three, 304 stainless-steel layers embossed in a proprietary, multi-step process and tempered to maintain shape and tension under extreme heat and pressure. The gasket layers are coated individually for exceptional sealing and easy release from the block and deck surfaces.

  • Ready for boost, nitrous, or high compression
  • Premium stainless-steel material
  • Proprietary three-step embossing process
  • Fully coated for excellent oil/coolant sealing and easy release.

Pro Seal Piston Rings

JE Pro Seal rings are designed to maximize horsepower through precision sealing of combustion pressure. They are offered in a huge selection of sizes, various materials, and in multiple thicknesses to suit a wide variety of engines. JE also offers an array of custom piston ring services including back cutting, dyke cutting, lapping, grinding, and PVD coating. These services, the same used by top NHRA Pro Stock and NASCAR teams, are now available to the public and offer tremendous gains in durability, power through reduced friction, and improved ring seal. 

  • Over 2,300 part numbers available
  • Multiple high-end materials to suit street and racing applications
  • Precision lapping and other custom services available
  • Multiple ring face styles and coatings

Pro Seal break-in lubricants are designed to ensure your pistons and rings break-in perfectly on first start up. They are specially formulated to prevent micro-welding and create a perfect mating between the cylinder wall, ring land, and ring and ultimately maximize horsepower and longevity of the engine.

  • Prevents initial dry start conditions
  • Ensures proper cylinder-wall-to-ring break in
  • Prevents microwelding between ring groove and ring
  • Enables quicker engine break in
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